Join Team JAX...We Need You!!

The Local Executive Planning Committee of the 2019 Florida State Lectureship is excited about being a part of this Epic Event that is coming to our city that will be hosted by the Northside Church of Christ and the Jacksonville area congregations! The successful planning and execution of an event of this magnitude takes a strong and passionate team effort! We have established lectureship committees that will be led and filled by members of the various congregations in Jacksonville. Please click here to see a list of the 2019 Lectureship Committees. Click here to download FAQs.

Jacksonville Area Special Registration Offers

It is our desire to have over 350 people from the Jacksonville area register for the 2019 Florida State Lectureship! This Epic Event will have something for everyone: Adults, Senior Adults, Young Adults, Youth, Couples, Singles & Families! We have established some amazing special offers to make this event affordable for Jacksonville area registrants:

  • Local Full Registration - $90 - This full registration rate includes the banquet
  • Local Workers Registration - $60  - This rate does not include banquet
  • Local Workers Registration - $60 - This discounted rate is available if you spend 3 nights in the host hotel. Hotel rate is $129/Double Occupancy. Special Registration Rate is available for 1 person in the room.
  • All local registration rates include all conference materials, custom badge, and access to all workshops and sessions.

Complete the form below to sign up for a lectureship committee: