The aim of the 2019 Florida State Lectureship is to work in conjunction with the state’s mission to encourage soundness in doctrine, unity of speech, Evangelism and Christian growth. We will place an emphasis on evangelizing the city of Jacksonville working in partnership with the local area congregations, which is congruent with the Northside Church of Christ mission to Save Souls and Keep Souls Saved through every work that our congregation is engaged in.

The Theme of the 2019 Lectureship is "Bridging The Gap". Through our work with this lectureship, it is our desire to Bridge The Gap between congregations of the Lord’s church in Jacksonville and the various generations that make up our memberships, in order to grow the presence, power, and impact of the Church of Christ in the Jacksonville area.

The lessons, workshops, sessions, activities, and town halls will all be focused around the scriptual thematic thrust...  T3 - Life Lessons from I Timothy, II Timothy & Titus!